February 2nd Shelter in Place Event

Dear Juniper Ridge Families,
Earlier today, Juniper Ridge was put into a shelter-in-place due to a medical emergency. A “Medical Shelter-in-Place” protocol facilitates uninterrupted and secure access for emergency responders, ensuring that medical personnel can quickly reach the affected individual and provide necessary medical assistance. At no time was there any safety concern for students or staff.
The school resumed normal activity less than 30 minutes after the medical shelter-in-place was implemented, and there was little interruption to the academic day.
We appreciate the cooperation of our [Insert School] School community and are thankful for the swift response of our first responders.
Should you or your student have any questions regarding the incident, please feel free to contact the school at 970-986-8219.
Mindy Woodworth, Head of School Juniper Ridge Community School