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Juniper Ridge Community School is a charter public school guided by the core principles of public Waldorf education. We are tuition-free and there is no admission test to get into Juniper Ridge Community School. Enrollment in Juniper Ridge Community School is available to all students, including students with disabilities, and information about disabilities will not be requested until a student has been admitted and enrolled in a Juniper Ridge Community School. For questions regarding the admission and enrollment of students with disabilities in charter schools, you may contact Mesa County Valley School District 51 or Assistant Head-of-School, Alice Dussart at Juniper Ridge Community School ([email protected]). 

Prospective Parents

As a school of choice with unique offerings and high expectations, it is important that you are well informed prior to applying. An important piece to the program at JRCS is engaging the family to participate and be an extension of the learning in the classroom. Because of this unique approach, families interested in enrolling their child at JRCS are asked to follow the process below:

  • Become familiar with the Waldorf developmental and artistic approach to education by reviewing this website and checking out these additional articles and resources: About Public Waldorf Education

  • Make sure children meet the age requirements for Kindergarten and First Grade:

    • Kindergarten: Children must be 5 by August 31, 2024 (no exceptions)

    • First Grade: Children must be 6 by August 31, 2024

  • Attend an Information Tour. Information Tours are available for adults throughout the school year. During your visit, you will learn about the curriculum and teaching methods, see the campus, and have the opportunity to ask questions. Please call our office at (970) 986-8219 for a schedule of tours and to RSVP, or our new 

  • Read and agree to school policies and procedures described in the Juniper Ridge Community School Family Handbook.

  • Complete and submit a Juniper Ridge Community School 2023-2024 Enrollment Application. Available HERE.

Come on in! We want to show you our school and the great things happening! 



  • Kindergarten open enrollment begins at 8:00 am on the first Monday of February (February 5th 2024) 

  • Kindergarten Open Enrollment Ends at 4:00 pm the last Friday of March (March 29th, 2024)

  • Child must be 5 by August 31, 2024 (no exceptions) to be eligible for Kindergarten for the 2024-2025 school year

A lottery will be held on on the first Tuesday of March (March 5, 2024) at 9 am, and is open to the public. Any students not given a spot will be placed on a waiting list in the order their name is drawn in the lottery. In the event that your child is put on the wait list, you will be contacted by telephone when a position becomes available. Once offered, you will have 24 hours to accept the position. After this date, all received applications will be on a first come, first served basis. If spots are not available, students placed on a waiting list for the following year.


Students are placed on a waiting list based on the date and time a completed application packet is received. Starting on March 5, 2024, we will begin filling open positions.  Enrollment continues, pulling students from the waiting list as long as we have open positions.  Applications are accepted throughout the year and students will be placed on the waitlist based on the date and time they are received. When a position becomes available, you will be contacted and will have 24 hours to accept the position.

Enrollment for the 2024-2025 school year will close September 22, 2024. Applications received after that date will be placed on a wait list for enrollment the following year.