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Lost and Found
JRCS policy (effective August 9, 2023)
  According to the Juniper Ridge Community School Family Handbook:
"We ask parents to clearly mark all coats, hats, gloves, boots, sweaters, lunch boxes, backpacks, water bottles, etc. with the student’s name. The Lost and Found area is located in the main office building by the northeast door. Best practice is for students and/or parents to check the Lost and Found regularly to retrieve items that may be lost. Unclaimed items will be donated to charity at the end of each quarter. The amount of clothing donated is considerable, so PLEASE, PLEASE MARK ALL CLOTHING. "
  Clothing placed in the Lost and Found will be available for one (1) week to be reclaimed. After that time, items will be laundered and donated. It is vitally important that parents make every effort to mark clothing in some way, shape, or form so we can reunite clothing with students. 
We will post photos as available of clothes currently in Lost and Found, but it is the responsibility of the student and parent to ensure items are claimed.
Anything that is turned in that is not an article of clothing that is turned into the office will be posted here. If properly identified, it can be retrieved from the office.
Water bottles, books, jewelry, and toys can be located on the Lost & Found Tables inside the main building by the Northeast door.
Please have your children check the tables on a regular basis!