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JRCS Dress Code

Children shall dress in ways that support the Waldorf curriculum and allow for full participation in the activities that occur throughout the day. JRCS recognizes that clothing and personal style can be means of self-expression and creativity. Styles must not interfere with the educational process, nor present a safety hazard as determined by the faculty. The following dress code has been established to help create a positive environment for all, where the focus is on learning.


Clothing and accessories may not state, imply, or depict profanity, sex, drugs, alcohol, tobacco, weapons, hate speech, or imagery targeting groups based on race, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, political or religious prejudices.

● Students need to be in clothes that are safe, comfortable, and practical.
● Clothes must be of appropriate size
● Clothes need to cover all undergarments and not hang open below the armpits or show midsection.
● Spaghetti strap shirts are not allowed.
● Shorts/skirts should hang at fingertips or below.


● Hats and hoods are not allowed indoors unless permitted for religious or medical reasons.


● Shoes for outdoor wear must have a closed toe, heel support, and be the correct size to fit appropriately.
● Shoes need to be appropriate for walking, running, jumping, and playing, and must be worn for all               Games classes, Gardening classes, Natural Arts classes, and all recesses.
● Shoes with lights or wheels are strongly discouraged.
● Indoor shoes must have a hard sole and a closed toe. (Please consult with your classroom teacher with     further questions)


● Hair needs to be kept out of the student’s face.
● Hair must be a natural hair color.


● Dangling jewelry is not allowed.

● Smart watches are not allowed.

● Analog watches are preferred over digital watches, as this encourages students to read time from a clock.

Dress for Weather:

● Because Colorado weather can change very quickly, children should come to school dressed in                 seasonally appropriate layers and shoes. Students should be prepared for all weather conditions as           outside play is allowed in all but the most severe weather.

Dress for Activity:
Different classes and activities require certain types of clothing. Please know that when you are participating in these activities, there will be an expectation that these dress codes will be followed. Please communicate with your teacher for the following events and activities:
● Field Trips
● Concerts
● Assemblies
● Festivals
● Certain Specials’ Classes

Middle School Dress Code
JRCS is a K-8th grade school. Middle school students, shall act as role models for our younger students, and will adhere to the same rules as the rest of the school with the following exceptions:
● Modest Makeup is allowed
● Dyed hair is allowed
● Dangling jewelry is allowed
● Shorts should have an inseam of at least three inches. (skirts follow the same principle)

Teachers and parents are responsible for helping students to uphold the dress code.

Consequences for being out of dress code include:

◻ Cover clothing with another article of clothing.
◻ Children will be asked to remove articles of clothing and replace them with another.
             Lost and found clothing may be provided.
◻ Teachers will contact parents/guardians to bring appropriate clothing.
◻Parents/Guardians will be asked to return hair to natural color or re-cut hair that is out of compliance.

Please take the time to clarify with your child what portion of his/her wardrobe is school appropriate. Support your child in learning the difference between what they wear at school and what they wear at home and with friends.
Questions can be directed to your child’s teacher or the administrative office.