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Juniper Ridge Community School is a Public Waldorf Charter School in Grand Junction, Colorado, part of the Mesa County Valley School District 51 . The school opened in the fall of 2013 with grades K-6 and experienced wonderful success in its inaugural year with nearly 160 students. Each year since it has grown in size and grades.  It now has nearly 400 students and offers education for students in Kindergarten through 8th grade.

What types of teachers are needed at JRCS?

Because the quality of teaching is the key to the Waldorf approach, JRCS expects to hire the most engaged and committed teachers.  Teachers will be sought to teach in classrooms from Kindergarten through eighth grade.  In addition, specialty teachers will be hired in physical education / movement, music, Spanish, handwork and eurythmy.  Part-time teachers and artisans may also be hired to teach gardening, woodworking, art, speech and drama.

What if I am not a Waldorf-certified teacher?

JRCS recognizes that it is unlikely that the majority of teachers will be Waldorf-certified in the first year.  However, it is expected that all teachers hired at JRCS begin a training program to obtain Waldorf certification.  During the initial years of training, many supports will be provided to teachers including:  professional development and workshops, the mentoring of an experienced Waldorf teacher, the Pedogogical Council, and other pre-service training programs.