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School Happenings

We like to share what is going on in our classrooms from time to time, so you can share in the joy and wonder of a Waldorf inspired education environment. 
 Today (May 3, 2024), we celebrated our May Faire with songs, ceremonies, and skits. In addition to the festivities, our community came through way more than we could have ever anticipated. Below are photos of flower crown making and parts of the May Faire.
A collection of some flowers that were donated  The second picnic table full of donated flowers     
Flower donations for the grades ended up covering TWO picnic tables! We had flowers left over at the end of May Faire for the first time! Our teachers were blown away at the largess of our families.
kindergarten flower crown makingkindergarten flower making 2
Even our kindergarten friends could join in on the festivities!
Flower crown making Grade levels 1Flower Crown Making Crowns 2
Parents and students had so much fun making beautiful crowns to celebrate our last festival of the year.
Student with flower crown 1Student with flower crown 2Student with flower crown 3
Each student worked diligently to create a crown that reflected their style.
Former studentsFront office staff
Alumni rubbed elbows with staff and administration       While office staff moved out to watch the festivities.
May Faire Attendants
May Faire attendants and retinue observing the festivities.
Our 5th-grade attendants were chosen through yesterday's "Chicken Pickin'" event. Recently ennobled 6th-grade knights provided security for our attendants.
3rd-grade presentation2nd-grade blessing of the pets
       3rd-Grade reciting their presentation                      2nd-Grade and the Celebration of Pets
Green Man 2Green Man 1Green Man 3     
Our Natural Arts teacher, Mr. Rizzo, assumed the role of the Green Man and regaled the audience with an interpretation of how the Green Man came to be (after "chasing" 2nd grade off the field).
8th grade fey awaking 1st grade fairies8th Grade fey awaking 1st grade fairies 2
8th-grade fey came out to awaken 1st-grade fairies.
1st grade dancing1st grade music
1st Grade danced and sang to lure out the Maypole dancers.
May pole dancers 1May pole dancer 2
Finally, the 4th grade danced around the Maypole while Miss Angel sang a traditional May Faire song.
The 7th Grade recently finished their simple machine block, which utilized a combination of engineering, physics, imagination, and a lot of trial and error. The students had a real blast creating and then racing the cars. Who knows, perhaps one of these budding engineers will develop the next big breakthrough in automotive locomotion!
7th grade simple machine7th grade simple machine 27th grade simple machine 37th grade simple machine 47th grade simple machine 57th grade simple machine 6