Calendar Update

Parents, the calendar posted on D51 was approved before JRCS was informed that  the new construction would not be completed last August. Upon receiving that information, our Board of Stewards approved an amended calendar. That calendar is placed on our JRCS website and is the calendar we are following for this year. There has been some confusion regarding the days off in February; the calendar on the JRCS website shows that school will be in session on February 20. If you have any questions about the attendance calendar, please defer to the one posted on our website. 
Addendum: The calendar that is used for the website has been corrected. We added an additional day on the February break by accident. The last day of February break should now show February 19th, with classes resuming February 20th.
Juniper Ridge humbly apologizes for the confusion and any inconvenience this may have caused.