News Bits from Nathan

Hey everybody! Just some quick bite-sized news points.
Lions Club carnival and parade - The parade is Saturday! Whooo! We are accepting cake donations now through Thursday. Please drop them off at the front office, and let Lisa or Angela know who you are and what class your kid is in. If you want to make a cake, that's perfect! Just make sure it's in something you don't want back (food safe please).
Ross Dress For Less Fundraiser - Ross Dress For Less has teamed up with Juniper Ridge again to raise money for the school. Representatives will be at the store on the weekends from time to time to talk about Juniper Ridge. Be sure to tell your friends and relatives! More information can be found at the store, or email Nathan directly.
RE-ENROLLMENT FOR '24-'25 - This is a big one (hence the caps, bold, underlined italics). We've had a fantastic response so far (we're over 2/3 of the way done), but we're still missing some responses. We want to know if you student will be joining us again next year. We won't judge, we just need to know how many new students to start expecting. Even if you're on the fence as to whether you're coming back next year, fill the form out. You can always decide to not return later, but if we don't get a form back by FEBRUARY 29, your child will lose their seat in their classroom. If you decide to come back, or forget to return the form, you'll have to get back on the waitlist. Please, save yourself a future headache and let us know if we need to hold the seat.