Student Pickup notice

Hello Juniper Ridge Families!
  We have been asked to let everyone know that the Village Cooperative (The new complex behind Solstice) parking lot is not a valid place for student pick-up. Village Cooperative is actually private property, and we don't want to cause any discontent with our neighbors. 
  They have reported that children have been climbing on their sign, which is causing damage to both the bricks and the signs. Residents of the Village Cooperative cannot get to their parking spots, as non-resident vehicles are taking that space, and these residents are quickly losing patience. In an effort to avoid running the risk of having law enforcement intercede, We feel it behooves us to not use the Village Cooperative parking lot to pick up.
  If you need to park to pick your student up, please use our parking lot. We know it may be a little frustrating to wait for Mr. Nathan to wave you into the parking lot, but a little frustration better than a trespassing charge.
  If you have any concerns, please speak with our Head of School.