A Message from Parent Council

A Note from Family Council
Dearest Volunteers and Families of Community Lane,
  The end of another school year is approaching, which means that there are two remaining festivals/events for this year: Mayfaire, and Field Day. Thanks to prior planning and coordination, we will not need to hold any Family Council meetings for the rest of the year.
  We are still going to be in need of volunteers for these events - both time and materials. We will be sending more information out through the Juniper Journal as well as email, push notifications, Facebook and Instagram.
Mayfaire needs:
  This is a volunteer mecca! We always need hands and materials. When we send the call out, we will need people who can cut and soak willows for us so they can then be shaped into Mayfaire crowns (the willows, not the volunteers). If you have access to willows, and are able to cut them for us, please let Nathan (our Volunteer Coordinator) know - that way we know how many we have.
  After the branches are cut, they need to be soaked so they become pliable enough to bend into willow crowns. We will need one for every student in school.
  If assembly is more your thing, we will be meeting on the kindergarten porches beginning the week of April 29th at 2:30 pm to make willow crowns. Again, more information will be coming out in the next couple of weeks, so keep an eye open for that.
  That same week, we will be taking flower donations. As any gardener knows, you can never have enough flowers. If you will be able to help us with flower donations, or would be willing to assist by collecting flower donations during student pick-up, please let us know.
  In addition to flowers, we’re also going to need flower wire, and lots of flower tape. We can start accepting donations of those items now and up until May 1st. If you would like to donate these items early, please drop them off at the front office.
  Finally, on the day of Mayfaire (May 3rd), we’ll need volunteers immediately after morning drop-off to help with table setup and pre-cutting flowers for flower crowns. We’ll also need assistants to help the classes make their flower crowns. 
  Again, this is just a heads up, we will be sending more information out in the coming weeks.
  The end is in sight! Thank you for being a part of the journey this year!
The Juniper Ridge Team